• http://www.bfwebdesigners.com Sha Menz

    Personally, I’m already starting to get really irritated with this.

    3 major reasons I hate it:

    1. The black bar givesw an oppressive feel to Google and given the amount of time i spend on this page in a day, I really don’t need that.

    2. Google search page plays such a big part in my work that I consider it to be one of my work “tools”. Messing with it means I have to spend time looking for things as you mentioned. I really don’t need to have to re-familiarize or re-learn how my tools work all the time. This REALLY irritates me and if it’s going to be an ongoing thing, then the warm feeling I have for Google is going to evaporate pretty quickly.

    3. Every change to the Google interface brings me a bunch of phone calls from clients who expect me to be the “expert” and explain to them where the things went that they used to know. Not only do I not need the calls, but with constant changes going on, I’m now going to have to spend extra time trying to keep up with this stuff – different versions all over the place etc…

    Surely the core of the personalization that Google considers so powerful is giving me a say in what I like? So please Google, give me a choice to turn it all off and get on with my life!

  • http://www.dennisjsmith.com Dennis J. Smith

    I love it and I’ve always believed that change is good. If you don’t adapt to change you get left in the dust like MySpace. BTW I love Thai Food in Seattle. Tup Tim Thai! :-)