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    Good summary of the importance of creating quality content and value to drive real engagement, and Google’s potential to measure that. However, I take issue with the fact that in order to bring this unique relevance to Google SERPs one has to do so via Google+. If someone is creating genuine value and engagement on Facebook or Twitter, then that should show in the SERPs as well. Google doesn’t necessarily need a “special relationship” to do that and its insistence on artificially showing Google+ content over other, more relevant content in its auto-suggest and regular SERPs is simply a way to strong-arm users and brands into using their service over other more popular ones. So I think Google definitely wants to see Google+ as the #1 social network, and it’s going to try to accomplish that with Search Plus Your World. It’s naive to think otherwise.

    Remember Knol? Google has started to act like the behemoth it is and no longer cares to push users to the most relevant content outside of its walls, it wants Google users to say within their garden as long as possible. This is in direct opposition to Larry Page’s own goal for the “portal.”


  • http://callboxinc.com Judy Caroll

    Hi Aaron,

    Very insightful. And I like what you said about meaningful interactive engagements. The problem with some marketers is the fact that they use social media as another “channel” to sell more stuff and forget about the idea why they are “out there” in the first place. To get social means to interact, to listen, and to add value to the community. And also quantity of quality for me wins. It would be much better if we are able to build both quantity and quality of interactive engagements. Thanks for all the knowledge.



  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Many businesses still haven’t joined Google+. Some felt like dealing with another social network was too much work and others didn’t join because their audience wasn’t really using it. What it comes down to is that Google+ isn’t just a social network. Its data has search ranking implications, which means that you need to get involved.

  • http://digitalhighrise.com Aaron Friedman

    erikeric, I hear your point and I cant say I disagree with you. As Danny has shown over and over, there is clearly a bias coming from Google on this. But as marketers, I think this goes to support why we should be paying attention to G+ since it does affect the engines so much. But yes, they certainly do seem to have lost sight a bit of the importance of their core product. Time will tell on this.

    And to touch on Judy’s point above as well, I think most marketers would agree that the end goal in many situations is to “sell more stuff” but that doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality. Take the field of dream approach; “if you build it, they will come”.

    And Nick, spot on! Given everything we are seeing, its a wonder why brands and businesses haven’t joined yet.

    Thanks for reading everyone! There should be more to come soon :)
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