• daveintheuk

    I am Astonished to see Google actually making it clear what is Ads – perhaps they’ll change the background colour on my desktop so I can tell too. Shame there is more “knowledge” graph stolen content to scroll through to get to the useful organic results though.

  • Jon Dunn

    Totally concur Dave! I’ve had this update on my tab for 2 days now.. I was amazed to see such clear distinction of ads. Its unprecedented!!

    I do the love design though, very clear, very clean, very nice all round.

  • Steve Counsell

    Good to see Google’s new [AD] tag in orange making it very clear what is an advert BUT on an iPhone “above the fold” is completely adverts.

    If I did this on a website I’d never get a single visit. Same as usual I guess; one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

  • http://www.highposition.com/ Chris Ainsworth

    Like everyone else I think the biggest talking point is Google making paid search ads more visible as adverts as opposed to organic search listings. I think it’s a great move by Google to show which results are paid/organic but at the same time I personally don’t like the design! lol – there’s just no pleasing some people! :-)

  • Morgan Akchehirlian

    I think this new look is for Apple devices nothing on Windows phone or Andriod phone yet.I just Google Chrome book a few minutes back but still old format of results.
    Can any one tell me about this Google update for mobile devices limited to Apple devices or …?

  • Muthulakshmi S

    Now we clearly understand the difference between sponsored ad and organic results.

  • http://onreact.us/ Tad Chef

    These are ad results, not search results. Especially the iPad version shows only one search result and 11 ad results.

  • https://twitter.com/RizzoMB RizzoMB

    Me too, I wonder what the back story is there? I’d be surprised if that doesn’t lead to less ad revenue per search.

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path-service.html Bijutoha

    I did not see any update in my Android device .