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    I’m looking forward to personally welcoming Google to the neighborhood. Their new location is about ten buildings away from my place on 4th Avenue in Venice. It’s a spectacular location really, far better (imo) than Santa Monica. Google employees will now have better access to the world famous bike path that runs our Venice/Santa Monica coastline. There’s the recently built skateboarding park. For surfers, the surf breaks at Venice Breakwater, which is walking distance to the Gehry building. Of course there’s also world famous muscle beach, Gold’s Gym, and many other attractions situated within walking distance from the new office space.

    All they need now is perhaps a world famous chiropractor to visit and provide an in-office ergonomic assessment for the team. :)

  • jilliant

    Hey, I used to work in that building when it housed Tribal/DDB Los Angeles. It’s a great location…so much fun! I hope Google offers beach cruisers for employees to borrow and ride on the boardwalk like DDB did.