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    If this matures and can be added to the search ads, it may prove useful. Search ad-active companies are paying attention, but this paradigm is falling short for the rest of business.

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    I’m really not concerned with my privacy, Google already knows more about me than I do. I do get annoyed, however, when I keep seeing the same ad over and over everywhere I go on the net. I had a very casual interest (curiosity, really) in a certain thing and now everywhere I go I see ads for it. There’s a very thin line between spam and too aggressive advertising.

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    I think this announcement can only mean good things for advertisers and consumers alike. Retargeting will help advertisers better target their audience and manage their campaigns much more efficiently, while consumers will now be exposed to promotions and discounts for products that they’re interested in and can actually use. And to answer concerns about privacy or “annoying” the customer, as long as you use tools like frequency caps this can be avoided. Overall, I think it’s a win-win.

    One thing I’d like to point out is that retargeting isn’t new, it’s just new to Adwords. The fact that Google is now utilizing this marketing technique just validates that it works. But it’s also important to note that Google’s content network for display ads is only the 6th largest so it’s important for advertisers to run across multiple networks. (Here’s a recent case study on this: http://bit.ly/aAhAFm)

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    We were an early participant in Google’s “Remarketing Program” The following is a case study showing the effects of this new program, as well as a step by step how to implement in AdWords.

    Case Study Results

    After running the remarketing program for one of our clients, we found that when compared to the traditional content network our Click Through Rate increased 53%. We looked at our avg cost per click on remarketing vs. traditional search and spent 86% less per click. What we found to be the most significant factor was our cost per lead went down by 63% over traditional search leads. This doesn’t even include the “view through conversions” – which when added to the mix brought the cost per lead down by 88% over traditional search.

    Needless to say, the client is ecstatic!