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    In your experience what is the best way to optimize campaigns/keywords for a better CTR rate? In my experience, I try to raise the bid and edit the ads through A/B Testing for the most effective ad combination. This generally works well, but I am open to any ideas other people may have as well.

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    There are two ways you can do this Maggie. for keywords that are already bid to high positions (page 1 for instance) you can do it by A/B ad copy testing. Once you have enough data to make a conclusion dump the poorer CTR ad immediately. How also check to see if both ads have similar ROIs. If the higher CTR ads are actually converting poorly, then you might be attracting a lot of unqualified traffic. But all else being the same you want to shut off the poorer CTR ad, so that your QS can improve even faster.

    The other way you can improve QS esp. on the tail is to expose these keywords. If they havent seen page 1 or 2 , you can take a small set of them and bid them up for a few days so they have the opportunity to get clicks. Just be careful because you dont want to blow your budget on a set of bad keywords. I recommend increasing bids on your underexposed keywords by 20% every 3-4 days until the bid is at the average CPC of the campaign.

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    I agree with Siddharth Shah. Although I have not done such an indepth analysis to find a correlation, I have done some tests around other things to improve the quality score. Just wanted to share a link with the readers from my blog is possible:


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    I don’t know how to say, but it seems that Google had announced that they get rid of CTR out of evaluing of QS, cause the position certainly influences the CTR…

    For more detail please find