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    My problem with even dead-on behavioural targeting is that it might not find the user in a receptive mindset. A couple weeks ago I was looking for a cyclo-cross bike and within a couple days, cyclo-cross bike ads turned up, which, I thought, is very clever, however, I had decided not to buy another bike already. I think, the biggest challenge display advertising faces is to find users in the right mindset – something that search has does quite well.

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    Don’t forget the other industry that is lowering media buying by creating “major technological efficiency”.

    Self-Service advertising platforms are relatively new, but are already showing up in large sites such as deviantART.com and NYTimes.com. They allow a web site to take advertising orders directly and because they are fully automated and have an operating cost near zero, the web site can handle the ad orders of any size.

    The technology allows web sites to get a higher CPM/CPC/CPD than they would normally receive with ad networks/exchanges.

    The 3 pure self-service advertising platforms that I know of are: Shiny Ads (which I work at), iSocket, and AdReady.