• http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Wow – my coincidental timing couldn’t have been better, what with Rupert Murdoch getting quoted this weekend as saying that he thinks they’ll eventually block News Corp sites from getting indexed by Google:


    Could be that he just doesn’t quite realize how “first click free” works with Google, since he mentioned WSJ, which appears to use some good variation on that method.

  • http://solarian.ro solarian

    Your article would be more consistent if you provide some links to not optimized for search engines local newspaper websites. And, becouse we are livin’ into Internet country, I think you are reffering to States, but I am not sure, as you did nor provide this info in your analyses. In addition, I can tell you that in Romania local/regional newspapers websites are preparing to fight with our area biggest players :).

  • http://www.reelseo.com/grant Grantastic

    Nothing mentioned about Video SEO? Newspaper website are putting out a lot more video, and should absolutely incorporate that into their SEO strategy.


  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Solarian, I seriously considered providing example links, but, frankly, there’s virtually thousands of examples I could’ve used and I really didn’t wish to beat up on any newspapers in particular.

    You’re correct: I was referring to the United States newspaper sites (I mentioned a few of the big ones which are doing some level of SEO, as examples of ones which have engaged more with search engines).

    I would expect that European, Eastern European and Asian newspaper sites probably have a bit more time before hitting a really critical point with internet competition. Still, they should see how the trend has played out in the US and prepare better — they should work hard to become competitive on the internet as soon as possible.

    Grantastic, this was by no means intended to be a comprehensive list of SEO steps for newspapers! As such, I’d like to first see them just expose the tons of historical content to search before they proceed on to optimizing with relatively new media. Video is definitely a great direction to be moving in, but for thousands of smalltown newspapers, they’re likely to have a lot more legacy written stories just itching for search exposure compared to relatively newer video content.