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    Where is the best placement for reviews? Google Local pages or independent sites that have a Google partner status? Everyone wants to have good ratings, but finding the most suitable location to gather them is a little tricky. Independent from Google often seems more credible, plus from what I have seen the user does not need a gmail account to leave a review.

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    Good info. I’d say it’s jumping the gun to say that “Google is devaluing links in favour of other signals (e.g., social)” given recent disclosures on their part that they don’t even use social signals as ranking factors (Cutts) and links are still an essential part of the algorithm (Cutts, Singhal). Sure buying poor-quality links is bad, but non-social links are still very much part of the game.

  • Bright_Local

    Hi Erik – thanks for the comment. Google is always broadening the range of factors which influence rankings. In the good ol’ days links were just one of a handful of factors but now there are a vast range. So i would say that links have been been certainly diluted as a factor; and i do also believe that the assault on bad links shows decreasing trust in links by Google and so devaluated status in the algo.

  • http://thereviewsolution.com/blog/aaron-kocourek/ Aaron Kocourek

    You do need to have a Google account in order to leave a review on a business. Google and Yelp are generally the most important sites to get consumers to leave reviews on, but it really depends on the vertical you are in.

  • kamaldws

    what about yellow pages? I think, it is also important sites. And I want to know, Does classified better than citation?

  • Elliot Suiter

    Think Google partners are best for reviews. Trust pilot and feefo etc.