• Eitan Gorodetsky

    Great piece, I thought I mastered Local already, but there is always another aspect you can learn, thanks.

  • Denise DeArmond Wright

    Great article, Silver!

  • Chris Silver Smith

    Thanks for the positive comments – be sure to thank each of the speakers if you found value in what I reported, since they all were generous in giving up some of their know-how to the local marketing community in this session!

  • http://www.firegang.com/ Jacob Puhl

    Thanks for the update Chris for those of us that couldn’t be there. Tactics for “Local SEO” do seem to be more up in the air than a year ago. Other than some clear black hatting with fake Google Plus profiles where some of our competitors are “Plus’ing” every direction (which seems to be working for them), there are not a plethora of advanced ‘tactics’ being worked at the moment. Local SEO is more strategic than tactical right now while things Google’s algo are shifting so much. Get the onsite 100% correct, get 5 or so reviews, and clean clean clean NAP and that will catapult most businesses in industries with average competition. Oh yeah – and add content. Lots of blog posts.

    I’m finding a higher concentration on conversion marketing to be very effective. This includes load time (big one here – gtmetrix.com and tools.pingdom.com), mobile optimization, w3 validation checking, contact form optimization, user testing (http://www.usertesting.com/), landing pages around business services, phone call tracking, dynamic phone call insertion, chat installation, and testing ‘special offers’ greatly. Obviously, increasing the conversion rate x2 is the same as increasing traffic x2, so both together can have phenomenal results.

    Thanks again for the recap!

  • Thomas King

    Thanks for this insightful post on different local tactics! Looking at some of the tools you mention, are you aware if there is a local keyword research tool that covers the UK? The local marketing source keyword tool looks to only cover the USA and Canada.

  • emarketing .

    Great Article! Some great points discussed about SEO.

  • Joe Pistell

    Chris, re: Depth of Blend – where Dr Pete believes “Google wants more direct local results to show up”. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Google HQ on this topic. IMO, the national sites present a uniform UX from coast to coast. Comparing that to trying to make sense of which pizza shop or which car dealer is best suited for the SERP is far more error prone.

    IMO, Google’s ultimate job is to satisfy the user. These national sites can deliver a common UI that crosses multiple channels and delivers a dependable UX.