• http://www.mynextcustomer.com George Revutsky

    Its kinda the “Facebookification of Adwords”.
    The auto-suggest results will personalize based on your Gmail, Google account, recent search history, Google Voice phone calls, etc. And then the paid search ads will likewise do this too. Making you much more likely to click. All this = More $revenue.

  • Duane Forrester

    Hmmm… will I be seeing higher bills from AT&T for all this data back-and-forth as G tracks me and brings me things? Sure I can turn it off, but that simply kills the value. So does htis future vission amount to an extra feature I end up paying for each month as data transfers take up bandwidth?

    Might be so small as to not matter, but this article has me thinking of the intersection of value v. cost – I mean, how much data do I need when around my own area where my costs would be lower anyway due to me being “local” on my plan.

    Track over to Munich, from Seattle, though, and data usage rates are much greater, and this is a place where I’d LOVE to have historical and locla data fed to me…

    And to be honest, I’m not sold on “personal” search yet. I can easily ask for what I want – no need to try to guess, get side-tracked and waste my time, thanks. Worse, as my desires and interests change, with personal search be stuck on what I liked last week and skew my results this week when my interest is different?

  • Ruth_OL

    Not to mention the impact on your smartphone’s battery. The Layar augmented reality app on the iPhone drains the battery like the plug’s been pulled out, and it’s hard to see how this could be much better if it’s running constantly. Hardware needs to improve before this can become a reality.