• http://www.mylocalis.com Adam Marsh

    “on the search shown earlier in this article for the LG BD550 Blu-ray DVD player, the 20 reviews I saw were all from Walmart.com” – it would be great to see a snapshot of reviews from a bunch of sites not just 20 from one site. more and more i am running into small business that pay for seo(at least that’s what they think) and the company just spams a bunch of reviews on one site and move on to the next… SearchReviews has a chance to provide a broad view of a company or product.

  • http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    Since they are crawling the web and not grabbing reviews from partnerships and available APIs, will be interesting to see if any of those sites block them with robots.txt. I don’t see an obvious FAQ section on the site that explains to site owners what they are doing and how to opt out (only a submit your site link that links to an email address).

    Also will be interesting to see if they are going for a destination site play or will try to rank in Google results to get traffic. I see both strategies as difficult.

    The UI is definitely rough around the edges. The questions link in the footer goes to what seems to be a discussion forum with random questions on it. The early adopter link goes to a page that has “double click to edit this text” at the top.

  • ankesh

    Thanks for your feedback, we’ve taken some of your suggestions on board. Just to clarify our strategy, we’d like to partner with review sites, either with an API or agreement on crawling. Essentially an opt-in process. This curation will help with reducing spam in our application as you know is a hot topic.