• Morgan Akchehirlian

    Size Of Search Team is really a big factor in SEO organization Growth.A single person can not handle all SEO tasks and he can not specialize in certain area.Multitasking and running for him.Compare to a team can take stress,help out each other and can specialize in certain areas like Google places SEO.
    SEO that is very less costly with old spammy linkbuilding techniques by this research result means still works?

  • Tom

    I’d be interested to see comparison stats of SEO Team Size vs SEO Campaigns Consecutively Managed…I think that would paint a more realistic picture.

  • http://www.seoagencysydney.com.au/ virginia

    Well i do agree with this post as clients like personal seo service now. The internet is so large and people would rather call than fill out a form. I did a case study last year on seo competitors, and maybe 5% of companies picked up the phone, some got back via mail, but most didn’t even bother to respond. If your a large agency then yes it is hard to manage but then good local account management is key to your success

  • James Cruz

    agreed. Reporting is very important to a successful seo campaign. I found it very interesting that more people on the team did not lead to better results. I still think that Josh Cavin’s learn seo skillshare class is the best one out there. A big factor to my success was learning to choose the right keywords.

  • sarahsmarts

    always take the time to analyze the data. Google analytics has a good free one and is easy to setup http://www.google.com/analytics/