Elisabeth Osmeloski

Elisabeth Osmeloski

Elisabeth Osmeloski was Director of Audience Development for Search Engine Land and MarTech. She was responsible for increasing readership through owned, earned and paid media channels. In addition, she assists in programming sessions at Third Door Media's Search Marketing Expo conference series and manages speaking engagements for editorial staff. Follow her on Twitter @elisabethos.


2014 SMX Social Media Marketing Conference Preview

In less than two weeks, the editorial staff from Search Engine Land and our sister site Marketing Land will host the 4th annual SMX Social Media Marketing conference (November 19-20th) at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For this year’s lineup, in addition to strategic sessions and big picture panels, we have several spotlight sessions that will deliver highly tactical […]


Searching For Super Bowl Ads? Watch Our Official Playlist

With all the excitement of the big game building and our third annual #Hashtag Bowl quickly approaching at our sister site, Marketing Land, we’ve put together a special page where you can watch all of the official Super Bowl ads as they go online. You’ll also find teaser ads as well as alternate ad versions […]


What Makes You A Best In Class SEO? Survey Says…

Today, at Conductor’s annual client summit, #C3NY, Director of Research and Search Engine Land contributor Nathan Safran unveiled research from a pool of over 380 enterprise search marketers and SEO professionals, analyzing common behaviors which lead to success. Three key areas where the most successful search marketers thrived? Content, reporting excellence, internal education and evangelism. The […]


Slideshow: Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

Earlier this month, we announced the addition of Mobile as a new SEO element in the updated Edition of the Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, following a Google announcement that mobile site optimization is a factor in search rankings. The Search Engine Land Guide to SEO explains each of the success factors […]


2013 Boston Marathon Explosion: Official Information Sources

Following today’s explosions at the Boston Marathon, social media channels were immediately swamped with reports, graphic images and videos from the scene. Race officials immediately held runners on course, and canceled the rest of the event. During tragic events like this, it’s hard to determine what’s official and real information until it is verified by […]


Google Maps Adds Ski Resort Trail Maps For Android & iPhone

Over on the Google Lat / Long blog,  Google Maps announced new feature that overlays lifts and trail maps for 38 major ski areas in the U.S., available from Google Maps using your Android device or iPhone. It could be a handy feature, provided you have two things: something like Burton Screen Grab gloves so you […]


Top Search Marketing Columns & Contributed Features Of 2012

As an industry news publication, the majority of our visitor traffic comes to our site to read daily news updates, in-depth coverage of search engine technologies and ever-evolving search engine algorithms. On top of the hardest working full- and part-time editorial staff in search, we have over 100 guest columnists who dedicate a significant amount […]

Analytics & conversion

Search & Analytics Year In Review

As we head into the holidays, we’re looking back at our own metrics for top posts of the year, and we wanted to share a recap of the most read stories in several categories on Search Engine Land. In the Search & Analytics column, our experts cover everything from the basic installation of tracking codes […]


12 Top Search Trends To Kick Off 12/12/12 Google Zeitgeist

Don’t worry, Google’s year in review for 2012 isn’t that predictable for the once in a lifetime calendar event. On the official Google 2012 Zeitgeist website, you’ll find their biggest list ever published, with a total of 838 lists from 55 countries, covering 1.2 trillion searches done worldwide. Digging in deeper, Google has divided the massive […]


Yahoo! 2012: The Top TV, Movie, Songs & Singer Searches

Screen related searches are the backbone of Yahoo!’s year in review lists, as actors, actresses, talk show personalities and reality TV celebrities seem to command a bigger presence year after year. In the most popular TV searches on Yahoo! in the US, perennial favorite American Idol dominated top slots in several categories of Yahoo’s top search trends for […]


Yahoo! 2012: Top Health, Food & Diet Related Searches

Correlation does not equal causation? Only on the Internet can you find crazy recipe and food searches filled with the most fattening, sugary and downright disgusting sounding combinations, followed by searches for ‘diabetes symptoms’ and quick fix weight loss diets. I’ve highlighted some of the possible SERP suspects below. Here’s a suggested search for all Yahoo! […]


Yahoo! 2012: Top Sports Related Searches

The London Olympics were the #7 most popular search on Yahoo! overall in 2012, Even Mckayla Maroney has to be impressed with that. Searchers were flipping and flying as high as Gabby Douglas for any official games coverage on Yahoo in 2012. Top Searches for 2012 Olympians On Yahoo! maria sharapova lolo jones serena williams […]


Yahoo! 2012: Top Celebrity Related Searches

For 2012, Kim Kardashian might have been the overall top searched for celebrity, but there were many people to watch and track through various forms of media and paparazzi. Top Searched Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up In 2012 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Jennifer Lopez […]


The Big Ask Of 2012: Do You Search For Team Kstew Or Rpatz?

Ask.com’s 100 million users remain almost as loyal as Twihards, prompting us to ask if searchers are on Team Jeeves or Team Diller when putting in their queries. For the 2012 installment of the series in hot searches, Ask added a new twist to the searcher saga, layering in a thicker plot and seeking a […]


Q4 Reports: Search Advertising Growing In Efficiency

Four reports released this month by paid search giants Efficient Frontier, IgnitionOne, Marin Software and Covario all pointed to an overwhelmingly successful fourth quarter in 2011 for major search advertisers in a number of verticals. Across the board, overall search spend increased, as advertisers on the whole enjoyed an increase in impressions and click-through rates, while achieving a lower […]


The Most ‘Liked’ Search & Social Posts Of 2011

The social media experts who write for this column week in and week out don’t just talk – they walk the walk in social media and search marketing. In 2011, we saw interest spike in our Let’s Get Social* column as social media became a significant ranking factor in organic search results, following Danny Sullivan’s […]

Google algorithm updates

The Most Popular SEO Posts Of 2011

If there’s one thing anyone can say about the state of search engine optimization (SEO) in 2011, it’s that this year certainly wasn’t boring. Barely two months in, on February 24, 2011 – we were first introduced to the now infamous Panda Update at Google. That story alone gave our expert SEO columnists and staff […]


2011 Yahoo! In Review: Top US Searches In 30 Categories

Now celebrating a decade of recapping annual search trends, earlier today, Yahoo! released the 2011 list of most popular searches in the US in 30 different categories, topping last year’s extensive list. This year marks the first full year Yahoo! used has used the Bing search engine to primarily power Yahoo! search results, with Americans […]


AOL In 2011: Charlie Sheen #Winning Over Other Celebrities

AOL announced its most popular global searches (United States, United Kingdom and Canada) in 2011 at https://hot.aol.com. While other search engines have ranked Justin Bieber and Kim K at the top for the year, Charlie Sheen proved he won the hearts of AOL users by climbing to the top of their most searched for celebrity list. Most […]


Searching For Answers On Ask.com In 2011

It’s been about a year since Ask went back to its roots as a full Q&A site and at the end of last year, we offered up its most popular questions of 2010. In that story from 2010, note that Ask.com claimed 90 million users at that time, and in this year’s followup release of […]


Bieber Tops Bing’s List Of Most Popular Searches In 2011

First out of the gate this year in the annual rush to declare search winners is Bing, who earlier today unveiled the top searches of 2011 at BingTrends.com. Bing.com also created an original video to recap the year in search, ending the clip with the Twitter hashtag #My2011. Video: Bing Originals: Decisions That Shaped 2011 […]


Dexter Dings SEO: Why Do Hollywood Writers Keep Giving Search Engine Optimization A Bad Name?

Yesterday, I saw a few tweets go by noting that the popular show Dexter on Showtime mentioned SEO and said that “Google was so 5 minutes ago” while typing in the URL: eliotsearchengine.com* – which supposedly “uses an algorithm to aggregate content without getting tripped up by SEO bull$h!t.” Because Dexter shows are behind a paywall […]


Oyster.com Adds Hotel Search By Image Feature

Today, Oyster.com, a hotel review site and booking engine rolled out “Oyster Shots”, a new search by hotel photos feature, following a similar trend of expanded image search capabilities by Google. All images are editorially tagged and categorized, and include underlying geocoded data signals, such as GPS camera data. In the challenging travel vertical, Oyster […]


New Google Mobile Features: Shortcut Local Icons, Query Builder

At today’s Google Inside Search event in San Francisco, a number of new features were unveiled for both mobile and desktop search, which we’ll cover in detail across Search Engine Land. For mobile search, these changes are launching immediately for Android (version 2.2+) and iOS (version 4.0+) in 40 languages worldwide, including: Local icons on mobile […]

Analytics & conversion

Roundup: Key Analytics Takeaways From SMX Advanced

At this week’s SMX Advanced show, several sessions touched on a variety of advanced analytics theories and tactical tools to measure the impact of your website traffic, and improve ROI and user engagement metrics. Here’s a quick review of the key issues being discussed. Google Analytics Pilot Integration With Webmaster Tools Generally, there was excitement […]


The Oprah Effect On User Search Behavior

Last week, in honor of the ubiquitous daytime talk show wrapping after 25 years of production, Yahoo released some search stats as the buzz leading up to the final show airing today (Wednesday, May 25, 2011) built up, with searches related to Oprah Winfrey rising 56% in the week prior. The queen of daytime has long been […]


Zuckerberg In Zion: Speaks To Senator Hatch, Students At BYU

You might wonder what in the world could bring the Harvard dropout and under-30 founder of Facebook together with the 77-year-old conservative Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to talk to students and attendees at Brigham Young University earlier today. I’m still trying to figure that out myself, despite having attended the event. Overall, it was fairly […]

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