• http://www.1stpagelocal.com Rick Falls

    If everyone simply focused on authentically delivering useful content to the end user, there wouldn’t be a need to try and figure google out.

    Just provide help to the people that you serve with your products and services and stop worrying about who’s getting what.

    Be relevant and relax into a deep solid spot that suits you and stop chasing too many things that you can’t even service.

  • http://DougSchumacher.com Doug Schumacher

    Excellent assessment, Kevin. I couldn’t agree more. Google is going to put everything they have behind protecting the value of their search results. That means serving consumers the content they most want. Thus the companies that deeply understand what their current and potential consumers want should have a big advantage.

  • http://www.hivetechnology.com.au Darren Krasnostein

    A lot of the conversation around the farmer update is to see how well it purged the SERP results from low quality content. There is however another motivation to the creation of mass low quality content other than getting the content itself to rank well and that is for the purpose of building in-bound links to other web sites in order that they rank well in SERP results.

    I have been watching a number of searches that produce top rankings for sites that have hundreds if not thousands of inbound links from low quality articles written on content farms. Google’s update seems to have made no difference to this. I am curious if anybody has noticed a change here and whether they think this update is intended to make a difference.