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How Much SEO Does A Brand Manager Need To Know?

If you are a Brand Manager, or you work in a similar discipline – how much do you really need to know about SEO? You may hear the term “SEO” and immediately think about the tactics and technical mumbo jumbo, right? But – what if I were to tell you that SEO can play a […]


Not Sure What To Do About Google Instant? Stop The Insanity!

We’ve all been abuzz over Google Instant. I’ve seen some ridiculous articles written on the subject – some are claiming that it’s the “death of SEO”, and have read some very insightful articles on it. There still seems to be a big question that is hanging out there – “Great new feature! So… what are […]


Don’t Overlook Conversion Events

In our industry, we tend to become obsessed with topics like Keywords, Demand, Ranking, Paid Campaigns, Optimization, Algorithm changes, etc. What we tend to lose sight of is the real point of search – what do people do when they get to your site? Search is simply one of many vehicles to get qualified traffic […]


8 Easy Ways To Monitor The SEO Your Competition Is Doing

If you’re a marketer and you’re currently tied up with other initiatives (campaigns, new site launch, etc.), or a search professional bogged down with doing keyword research, a technical audit, or staying up with the latest trends, remember to come up for air every now and then (at least once a month if not more) […]


How To Use E-mail To Benefit SEO

Most of you reading this headline will probably think I’m crazy. We all know that search engines do not crawl or index e-mail. What we forget is that you do have the option to view a copy of the e-mail you receive in a browser. Usually this is reserved for e-mails that are sent from […]


SEO Tips For Refreshing Your Site Content

If you are planning to refresh some of your site content, make sure to consider the SEO impacts. Many organizations make the mistake of updating their site content for a new product launch or some other business goal, only to realize that they also lost all of their existing SEO equity in the process. If […]


Juggling Branding, Usability And SEO With Internal Links

There’s no doubt that using keyword-rich text links will help your SEO efforts. However, if you’re a search marketing professional trying to convince your stakeholders to utilize the value of keyword-rich text links in your body copy, you’ve definitely encountered the following scenario at one point or another: You: “Since we’re focused on this set […]


How To Take Keyword Research To The Next Level

There are a lot of different ways to conduct keyword research. Too often, companies will focus on words that show good demand, even if that word from an intent standpoint does not map to their products and services. Even worse, some companies will just want to rank high for a high-volume keyword, even though they’re […]


What’s Your Plan With A New Site Acquisition?

When companies acquire a new web property, they often integrate the content with little regard for preserving the site’s performance in the search engines. Even worse, they may simply disregard content based on branding guidelines, technical restrictions, or other reasons that cause that page to go away. Developing an SEO site acquisition strategy would ensure […]


Enterprise SEO: A “Plumbing” Problem

A few years ago, I was attending a training session on brand guidelines for a large technology company. The products and services they provided were described by the presenter as the “plumbing” in the wall – something you don’t see, but it allows things to work properly, which makes your life easier. It’s tough to […]


Enterprise Search: Keyword Arbitration Between Organic & Paid

Enterprise Search Marketing programs face a multitude of challenges. Lack of resources, lack of accurate metrics, difficulty getting site changes implemented for organic optimization and so forth. Many of these challenges are more on the organizational side of things than anything else. For those of you in this camp, here’s a challenge that will sound […]


Enterprise Search: Focus On The Business Goals

Implementing a successful search program at the Enterprise level has some unique challenges. Often, web marketing staff and content creators become very concerned with making everything “SEO Friendly”. There is almost a sense of paranoia when creating web content, that every web page must be found in Google, which tends to be a major concern […]

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