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Eric Papczun is the Vice President, SEO and Feeds at Performics.

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The New Frontier Of Mobile Optimized Video, Part 2

In my last column, I addressed the frontlines of mobile video optimization and also discussed the transformation of online video placement as a shift from containers to conduits. Now, I want to turn attention to mobile video SEO and ways you can strategically leverage your parent site for your mobile site. Implementing Mobile Video SEO […]


Mobile’s New Frontier: Optimized Video

The mobile market continues to grow as we head into 2011. Specifically, the smartphone market has seen an enormously robust 96% growth rate from Q3 2009 to Q3 2010. According to the October 2010 market data from Nielsen, Apple’s iOS (27.9%) and Google’s Android (27.9%) platforms command the largest share of high-end, media-capable smartphones. While […]

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How Old Spice Found The Sweet Smell Of Viral Video Success

In a recent session at SMX East, I discussed “The Five M’s: A roadmap for creating and executing winning YouTube campaigns.” The session dissected multiple layers of genius at work in the Old Spice campaign created and executed by Wieden+Kennedy. So let’s dive in and consider the Five M’s that will keep your YouTube campaigns […]

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Revisiting The Basics Of Video SEO

According to web metrics company comScore, 183 million U.S. internet users watched online video during the month of May, watching nearly 34 billion videos. Marketers hoping their video assets fall into that 34 billion can improve their odds by revisiting and updating their strategies to improve search visibility. Many marketers post their branded videos to […]

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The Four Pillars Of Viral Videos

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube and wondered how it could have gained more than 1,000,000 views? Many brands ask themselves the same question: How can we generate the same kind of viral video success as the baby dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or the wedding party entrance dance that crazed the nation? […]

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Why You Should Adopt HTML5—Now

HTML5 continues to grow and gain adoption across the web, as many marketers have discovered the advantage of HTML5 to extend video to a wide range of platforms (as mentioned in my April 22 post, Are You Ready for the New iPad Era with HTML5?). According to TechCrunch, nearly two-thirds of web video is already […]

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Video SEO Opportunities With Google’s Recent Makeover

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its redesigned search engine results page (SERP) with a new menu of search-refinement options on the left-hand rail. The recent modifications to Google’s logo and search results pages serve as big changes for a company whose design hasn’t changed much in years. Simply put: It’s a big deal. Google […]


Are You Ready For The New iPad Era With HTML5?

The enormous popularity of the iPad has already changed the way many users consume video. From a video search perspective, marketers and SEO experts can now reach consumers through another screen. According to MeFeedia, less than a week after its launch, research has showniPad users consume two and a half times as many videos as […]

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Sports Fans Score Big Wins With Video Search

Each year, the number of college basketball fans that flock online to view games for March Madness continues to grow. Experian Simmons Data Stream confirmed that use of streaming online video among March Madness fans rose 23 percent from the start of the 2009 tournament through the championship game. In 2010, Unicast found before the […]

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My Video Search Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is well on its way in the U.S. with our biggest feast, Thanksgiving, and largest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, behind us. Now, it’s more crucial than ever for advertisers to work like Santa’s elves to ensure their products and/or services land on everyone’s list. As both an online consumer […]


Does Bing Have What It Takes To Flaunt Video Search Results?

Now that Bing is officially a major player, it’s time to ask some important questions. Are Bing video search results delivering a winning performance? Does Bing match searcher queries with relevant results? For advertisers, what is needed from an optimization standpoint to make your video standout among a search crowd?

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Online Music Videos Make A Comeback

I want my, I want my, I want my OMV (Online Music Video)… Yes, that’s right! Popular music videos are about to make a comeback, not on the original music TV station per se, but on the most popular online video web site, YouTube. With just a quick query search and a click of the […]


HTML 5: A Dream Come True For Video SEM

Imagine if you could click on a video and instantly watch it play without clicking through the annoying pop-ups that require you to download the latest plug-in, such as Adobe Flash. Even better, what if you could watch this instantaneous video in the palm of your hand without any unforeseen complications? This sounds like a […]

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Yahoo!’s Rich Ads In Search – Are Video Ads Golden?

Yahoo’s Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) combine paid search with rich media to further engage consumers within Yahoo search results. These ads provide an effective and clever approach to cross-channel marketing. With these new ads, advertisers are given the opportunity to market their business beyond the typical paid search ad copy. Their Yahoo paid search […]

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Video Search Face-Off: Bing vs. Google

Is there anything more visually appealing than Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing? The engine greets you with spectacular landscape images, complemented by a wealth of historical information and interesting facts. These compelling bits of information also lead you to other areas within Bing, such as the video results page. The Bing homepage is a great […]

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Optimize Your Videos For Prime Time

Many savvy advertisers are making strides in attracting their target audience with online videos. They are utilizing popular video sites such as YouTube and Hulu to engage and connect with consumers. This is an extremely smart strategy since 78 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience views online videos, according to March’s comScore Video Metrix. […]

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March Madness & The Evolution Of Online Video

Online video is quickly becoming a dominant medium that is necessary for survival in the online world. The 2009 NCAA Championship was a televised, “must-see” event that captured an enormous audience last March. It was a highly anticipated event that began with detailed and well-thought out brackets among friends and colleagues. This event was one […]

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Can Hulu Sustain Its Success Without Engaging Community?

At first, online video service Hulu appeared to be a futile response to the rising tide of online user uploaded and user generated content—after all, Hulu is a group of major broadcasting networks backing a platform to publish their content online and regain control of their distribution networks. Hulu was declared doomed, and bound to […]

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