Garrett French

Garrett French is the founder and chief link strategist of Citation Labs, a link building agency and campaign incubator. He’s also the founder of ZipSprout - Citation Labs’s sister agency focused on local marketing. He’s developed multiple link building tools, including the Link Prospector and the Broken Link Finder. He also co-wrote The Ultimate Guide to Link Building with Link Moses himself, Eric Ward. Garrett and his team lead monthly webinars on enterprise content strategy and promotion from the Citation Labs Blog.

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Backlink Analysis: 20 Uses Beyond Link Building, Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the third and final installment of our group interview of 30 link building experts. In part one, we asked about backlink analysis as it applies to link building campaign design. Then, we followed up with the technical factors which our experts analyzed within the backlink graph. In this third and final installment, we […]


21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries

Advanced link building queries, for the link builders who use them extensively, remain a closely guarded secret. It’s easy to understand why. For one, they want to protect a valued link source from getting flooded with link requests from the general link-seeking public. Secondly, there are some choice opportunities out there that would lose their […]

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Link Building Outreach: 5 Steps To Maximize The Value Of Every Opportunity

Extensive backlink prospecting and qualification, even with automated research processes and crawlers, can take days. Creating highly-linkable content can take even longer. Because of this significant investment, we often recommend conducting your organic link building outreach in a way that maximizes conversion rates, grows relationships with both linkers and link decliners, and ensures that any […]

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How To Research, Create And Distribute Highly-Linkable Content

Without an ordered approach, careful research and custom tools it can be difficult for link builders, writers and content strategists to know what content will attract links in a target market. This article provides a process and tools for developing and distributing linkable content based on the content that's proven to attract links in your target keyword space.