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5 Legal Tips For Video Search Marketing

Video search marketing has exploded in the past few years. The problem is that most marketers today, especially those in small-to-medium businesses, have no idea what the legal issues with online video are. As a video search marketing professional and legal analyst of new media, I’ve put together this introductory guide for marketers on understanding […]

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Careful: Video Solutions & Video SEO Are Not The Same

Where 2 Get It, a location based services and mapping solutions provider for businesses, recently announced its own video search engine optimization solution: video inside landing pages for local businesses. However is this really Video SEO, or just SEO which happens to include video? With declarations about Video SEO like those in Where 2 Get […]


Video As A Search Marketing Tool For SMBs

Video is becoming an important part of local search marketing campaigns, and this week’s SMX Local Mobile conference features talking about how small and medium businesses can use video to be more effective with their online marketing. Video solutions providers to these panels are Jared Simon, VP of Business Development of TurnHere, and Anupam Gupta, […]


News Video Research Offers SEO Opportunities

In a previous article titled New Online Video News Search Study – Is the Business Case Made?, I discussed a DoubleClick Performics study that looked at how consumers interact with online video news, how they use search in the process, and their desire to see more video search results on the mainstream search engines. To […]


A New Addition For Your SEO Toolkit: Acrobat Pro 9

Adobe recently announced their final release of the Acrobat Pro 9 software line, touting new video capabilities that are meant to provide a wider range of interactive publishing capabilities, along with improved engagement methods for end users. What’s unmentioned in Adobe’s press releases on the Acrobat 9 series is that there are some special benefits […]

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In-Depth With EveryZing Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Baker

EveryZing, the search solutions provider well-known for offering speech-recognizable, time-coded, linkable transcripts for video and audio content in their multimedia search engine, today announced the official launch of its commercial program to larger media publishers. Recently I conducted an exclusive interview with Stephen Baker, Chief Revenue Officer for EveryZing. Months ago I had the opportunity […]

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Internet Yellow Page Video SEM: Worth The Effort?

Informational videos are an excellent way for local businesses to get positions with the natural search engines, through the trend toward blended or universal search results which mix video in with traditional results. Videos are also becoming an attractive way to bring in leads, sales, and new customers from viral and social marketing. While most […]


Meet The Local Search Engines

A report from today’s opening panel at SMX Local & Mobile, Denver, Colorado. Huge market, huge confusion, huge challenges—that could summarize discussion on the Meet the Local Search Engines panel, consisting of some of the major players in local search—including major search engines’ local search properties, an exclusively local search engine, the largest Internet Yellow […]

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MarketingSherpa Report: Challenges To Bringing Search In-House

MarketingSherpa has just released the fourth annual edition of its Search Marketing Benchmark Guide. The Guide is a comprehensive benchmark for all things related to search marketing, including things such as expected search spending for 2008, how search ROI stacks up against other tactics, difficulty in SEM staffing, new ways to evaluate clicks and click […]

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