Gus Spathis

Gus Spathis

Gus Spathis is the Chief Technology Officer of search retargeting leader, Magnetic, responsible for spearheading the strategic development of Magnetic’s technology. Gus holds more than twenty years of experience within the tech space, managing businesses and building award-winning technology, including one of the first e-commerce websites, Database America. Most recently, Spathis was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Xogito Group, a company focused on business, technology, strategy and implementation for the media, mobile, consumer electronics and Internet spaces. Prior to Xogito Group, Spathis co-founded CE Interactive, for which he currently serves as a board member. Earlier in his career, Spathis honed his leadership skills at a number of start-ups and larger technology companies working on a wide range of clients, including Best Buy, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and Priceline. Gus is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery and IEEE Computer Society, and has led multiple seminars for Fortune 100 companies on Internet technology and its impact on business.


Facebook: The New Display & Search Channel

Facebook is the most preeminent social networking site in the world. It is not the first and probably won’t be the last, but it is likely the most important. Facebook usage is massive because users spend large lengths of time on the site. If Facebook was a country, and its users were citizens, then it […]


What Does The Re-emergence Of Display Mean For SEM?

The ‘90s – the good old days, when the Internet was new, IPOs were easy, and $50 CPMs were normal. Unfortunately, from the height of the ‘90s we saw display CPMs crater in the post bubble pop that followed. Many predicted the demise of the “banner” ad and consequent death of display, but thankfully, things […]


The Most Common Misconception Of 2012: Display Looks Like Search

The most common misconception over the past year has been the commonly heard statement, display looks like search. While we have all heard this a number of times (albeit it might be partially true) it’s largely based on one main factor: the rise of the auction-based marketplace in display. However, there are a number of […]


See You At The Voting Booth: Political Search & Display Strategies

Political ad campaigns are far from a new concept. A quick scan of The Living Room Candidate provides a look at the rich historical legacy of television ads for presidential campaigns, ranging from the earliest days of television to today’s sophisticated :30 spots. Even before television spots were the norm, the DNC pioneered the use […]

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