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Karen Bone


About Karen Bone

Karen is the SEO Director for Ayima Canada. With over 14 years of digital experience, she has been growing companies' online market share by bridging gaps and leveraging the relationships of a multi-channel strategy. While working on clients big and small for all industries across North America and internationally, her approach to e-commerce, visualizing site data and marrying to analytics, has helped develop unique and profitable strategies. She’s been brought in as an event speaker and a guest teacher to several Canadian universities to share her knowledge on both SEM and SEO to our future generations. Several years ago, she joined Best Buy Canada's e-commerce team to later develop their in-house SEO department. Today, working for a global digital agency, Karen has been leading e-commerce site strategies and educating both internal teams and clients on successfully competing online. Her long-standing passion for the digital industry ensures she's never left a rock unturned. Every detail is accounted for and analyzed -- much to some people's annoyance and great appreciation!

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