Katherine Janca

Katherine Janca has been working in search engine marketing for over 5 years on the agency side with clients in e-commerce and consumer electronics. Her background is in psychology, computer science and economics and she loves automation and has a zeal for data and feeds.

Content Marketing

Building A B2B Brand From Scratch Through Search

In the past few articles, I’ve talked about various search strategies to apply to your existing B2B search campaigns. But what if you’re starting from scratch, and you’re building your brand for the first time? Maybe your brand is embarking on a strategy to expand into the market for a B2B product that is entirely […]

Content Marketing

Secrets Of Successful B2B Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing has been around for a few years on the display side of marketing, but has only recently picked up momentum and adoption on the paid search side. From what I’ve seen, remarketing is something that companies sometimes do really right… and other times do completely wrong. Here, I’ll share the main things we’ve learned […]

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