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How CDBaby Built 20,000 Citations With One E-Mail

CDBaby* is an online distributor of independent music. Founded by well-known entrepreneur Derek Sivers, the service became a huge hit with independent musicians because it offered the first easy way for artists to distribute and sell their music online. Sivers, a professional musician, took CDBaby on a unique path that differentiates it from many other businesses […]

Link building

How To Find The Websites Likely To Link To You

In my column two months ago for Link Week, I described ways we can use what we know about pages that rarely link to us to our advantage when link building. Certain page-level characteristics are immediately identifiable as being a standard characteristic of sites that won’t link to us. This is most frequently big businesses, and sometimes […]

Link building

Link Building For Life: Determining Lifetime Link Value

The ideal goal for some SEOs is to minimize maintenance and effort for a given website. Get to number one for all desirable keywords, sit back, and then move on to the next website while the previous domain rakes in the cash. This dream scenario is unfortunately rarely the case, because there are other competitors […]


Improve Your Link Prospecting With Reductive Queries

When we search for websites to link to us, we often use inputs on Google in order to return results  such as “KEYWORD resources”, “KEYWORD links” , or simply just “KEYWORD”. The problem with this process is that what we input is not what we are looking for. There is a fundamental disconnect between what […]


Indistinct Links & Link Building In Difficult Verticals

Link building in social-unfriendly verticals can be a heartache. At one point, before the reasonable surfer concept was implemented, it was possible for many websites in taboo verticals like poker, payday loans and pharmaceuticals to get by on footer and sidebar links alone – meaning links that never saw the light of a user’s eyes […]

Link building

How To Rank Nationally With Local Links

When you think “Local SEO”, what generally comes to mind is the 7-pack, reviews, local dominated search results, distance from the centroid, and other miscellaneous terms that mean you can rank for “city keyword“. Because of this, the strategies between local and national SEO tend to segregate. Not as much as say, PPC and SEO, […]

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Why Every SEO Needs A Little Black Book

In the annals of man-dom, there is the story of the illustrious black book. The black book is the repository of female phone numbers, those accumulated from years going out to the bars, meeting new people, and overall, pursuing a mate of the opposite sex. Functionally the black book concept has died, because electronic storage […]


Why Google Needs The Manipulative Web

The Internet sometimes doesn’t work as we hope it would, or think it should. In certain verticals, great content doesn’t create great links, and because of that, in my opinion, SEOs are often forced to resort to manipulative link practices to get their clients and websites to rank. Websites with low “content link efficacy” are […]

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