Russell Savage

Russell Savage is an Application Engineer for Cask Data and loves tinkering with marketing data and automation in his spare time. He is the creator of, where he posts AdWords Scripts for anyone to use.


Keep Your AdWords Scripts Maintainable With These 3 Tips

If you’ve been using AdWords scripts for any substantial period of time, your account may feel like this messy bookshelf. There are unfinished scripts everywhere. Some scripts were added by the guy who left the company a few months ago, others by your intern who was curious and started tinkering around before she left for the summer. […]

Google Ads

Reusable Code For MCC Scripts Will Save You Tons Of Time In AdWords

Writing reusable code is something all developers strive for. Any developer worth his/her salt is continuously building a library of reusable code snippets to use in future development. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel each time a common problem is encountered because you can use the code you’ve already written. It also makes legacy […]


AdWords Scripts Grows Up With MCC Level Scripts

So far, many have dismissed AdWords scripts as a toy that you can only use for small AdWords account setups. There are some ways to build out larger script frameworks that span multiple accounts, but it is clunky and still requires you to install a snippet of code into each account. Worse yet, if you […]

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