Scott Smigler

Scott Smigler

Chair of SEMPO Boston. President of Exclusive Concepts, Inc., which provides integrated marketing services to online retailers. And President of Conversions On Demand, which provides hosted conversion improvement software to 400+ e-commerce websites.

Google SEO

PageRank Sculpting Leaves NoFollowed Tags Behind

Six months ago, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that NoFollowed tags no longer work as a tool for sculpting PageRank and that he would not recommend PageRank sculpting in general. Despite the passage of time and much discussion in forums and on blogs, many website owners are still confused about the importance of optimizing how PageRank […]


Five Steps To Leveraging Great Content For Better Rankings

Recently, I was at an internet marketing convention where the question was posed to a panel: “As a search engine optimizer (SEO), what would you advise your clients to do if an extra million dollars fell into their lap?” The response from the SEOs on the panel was essentially “invest it all in creating great […]

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