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Online Video Must Differentiate From Television

eMarketer recently published an article titled The Online Video Advertising Picture Clears Up which forecasts that online video advertising will represent 4.3% of online spend and 1.6% of television advertising spend this year, growing to 11% and 5.5% respectively by 2013. While these figures seem small, to achieve them requires 30% to 40% annual growth, […]

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What Is The Role Of Video For Yellow Page Publishers?

Last month, I gave the keynote presentation at the Data Publishers Association (DPA) meeting in London. The DPA is made-up primarily of directory publishers: Yellow Pages, B2B directories, Classifieds, etc., and the topic for the conference was how video can drive online revenues for Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and other directory sites. Other presenters included […]

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The Online Opportunity For Radio Stations

In continuing with my theme of online opportunities for local media companies, I thought I would explore market dynamics within the online radio sector for this post.   According to Borrell Associates, local online advertising is expected to grow at 8% this year while broadcast radio advertising dollars are forecasted to contract by 15.1%.  As with […]

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Newspaper Publishers & The Video SEO Opportunity

Grant Crowell, of ReelSEO and GC Interactive, published a whitepaper this week discussing the newspaper industry’s opportunity to tap into the increasing popularity of video consumption as a means to drive incremental site engagement and revenue streams. Full disclosure – my company, EveryZing, funded the research, however the findings, recommendations, and editorial content are all […]

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Business Opportunities For Video News Archives

We are about to lose one of our most valuable national treasures: The news archive. Most experts recommend that tapes be converted to digital format within 5 to 10 years of being recorded and estimate the shelf life of magnetic tape at 15 years, perhaps longer if stored at a constant 21 degrees Celsius and 40% […]

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The Case For Speech-to-Text Analysis In Multimedia Content Discovery

There have been several recent announcements surrounding the application of speech-to-text analysis in consumer search settings. Google announced its Political Gadget, enabling visitors to search the spoken word of content within YouTube Presidential candidate’s channels. Adobe plans to include speech-to-text features in future versions of its video authoring applications, such as Premier. Sites such as […]

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