Susan Kelly

Susan Kelly has been in the search industry since 2002, and has experience with account leadership, training, strategy and implementation of both organic and PPC programs. Susan has worked with a variety of B2B and B2C clients ranging from pharmaceutical to retail brands.


6 Ways Google Webmaster Tools Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

Most search experts rely on Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to analyze the technical aspects of a website. These experts focus on data like crawl stats, page errors and rich snippets. In addition to technical analysis, I recommend using GWT for basic on-page SEO improvements. Here are 6 easy ways to use Webmaster Tools to improve […]


Top Ways B2B Marketers Can Best Utilize Rich Snippets

There has been a lot of discussion in the SEO world lately around structured data and rich snippets in the SERPs. If you are not familiar with structured data, it is basically a way to explain the content of your website to the search engines in a trusted (structured) format. You can think back to […]


3 Steps To Optimize Your B2B Informational Assets

Does this situation sound familiar? Due to the success of your SEO program, organic traffic to your website is increasing. However, visitors aren’t engaging with specific aspects of the site and aren’t taking the desired actions. Why? Many B2B marketers fail to include informational assets in their overall SEO strategy. Information presented on your website […]


Five Action Steps To Take In B2B Reputation Management

You’re actively monitoring the online chatter about your company. You’re utilizing a powerful social monitoring tool and have plenty of data. But are you truly prepared to respond when negative commentary about your business hits the web? One of the most effective ways to handle negative opinions in the marketplace is to proactively provide positive […]


What Do Caffeine And Mayday Mean For B2B Marketers?

Most of you have heard about Google Caffeine which launched last month and the algorithm update made in May, nicknamed Mayday. For many B2B sites the algorithm change resulted in a loss of rankings and traffic. Now that several weeks have passed, marketers are wondering how these changes affect their website and what changes (if any) they should make. This column offers practical advice for B2B marketers regarding these recent Google updates.


Two Types of SEO Content Critical To B2B Marketers

We’ve all heard it before… Content is King! In the SEO world, one of the best ways to boost a website’s ranking is to have an abundant amount of unique, valuable content on your site. But, what do you suggest when the CEO or marketing team does not want to add keyword-rich content to your […]

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