David Harry

David Harry

David Harry is a senior SEO consultant with Verve Developments and the founder of the SEO Training Dojo. He has a passion for search and information retrieval and all things marketing.


Are Manual Solutions The Answer To Content Farms?

It was interesting to see some of the recent reactions when upstart Blekko decided to toss some sites out of their index. For the uninitiated it was a bit of a seeming PR play against Google whom have been getting smacked about for thin quality of late. If you hadn’t guessed by now, we’re talking […]


A Tactical Guide To Becoming An SEO Ubergeek

So you’re sitting there thinking: how can I take my SEO chops to the next level? Well, I am sure hoping you are, or have at some time along the path. But where to start? To me an SEO that doesn’t understand information retrieval (IR) is like the web developer that doesn’t know HTML. You […]

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