LinkedIn rolls out performance measurement and Document Ads enhancements

The upgrades have helped some marketers increase CTR and attributed conversions while lowering cost per action.

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LinkedIn introduced performance measurement capabilities and enhancements to Document Ads. The company claims all three new capabilities delivered significant gains for advertisers.

Why we care. Accurate measurement of campaign performance enables advertisers to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently and demonstrate the value of their efforts to clients and management.

Conversions API. This API enables advertisers to combine LinkedIn and company data in order to evaluate the impact of LinkedIn campaigns on performance metrics such as website actions, phone sales, and in-person event leads.

The company asserts that its new Conversions API is “privacy-compliant and future-proof.” This means that it adheres to current privacy regulations and is built to adapt to future changes in data privacy laws.

Website Actions. This new feature simplifies how marketers track ad campaign conversions without complex event-tracking mechanisms. Website Actions can measure user behaviors by calls to action, page visits, and data without the need for additional on-site code.

Document Ads upgrades.

Document Ads allow advertisers to promote documents (e.g. white papers, infographics) in the LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn is rolling out three upgrades to this ad type:

  1. Retargeting: This function enables advertisers to engage with customers who have previously interacted with Document Ads. 
  2. New metrics: Monitor objectives like website visits and website conversions for this specific ad type.
  3. LinkedIn Audience Network (LAN) distribution: In Campaign Manager, advertisers can choose to further scale their campaigns across the LAN, LinkedIn’s network of trusted partners, which includes brands like CNN, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal for example. The platform states that opting into this feature could help improve delivery and cost-efficiency.

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Deep dive. Read LinkedIn’s announcement in full for more information.

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