We turned Search Engine Land into a chatbot

We trained ChatGPT on our content and turned our website into a chatbot so you can explore, experiment and learn more about search marketing.

Chat with SearchBot

Introducing the first generative AI chatbot for search marketers – the Search Engine Land ChatBot. Launched today in beta, we’re excited for you to test it out.

Search Engine Land chatbot

About the chatbot. Our bot has been trained on the Search Engine Land content, allowing you to explore, experiment and learn more about search marketing.

The chatbot that powers our ChatBot sits on top of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is based on more than 20,000 news articles, guides, tutorials and original and curated research pieces published on Search Engine Land – the publication of record for all things search and search marketing since 2006.

Our chatbot will be updated on a regular basis with newly published content.

How it works. Navigate to our ChatBot page and get ready to write prompts. We offer some best practices and sample prompts on that page.

For example, here’s what you’ll see on a prompt for “create a content marketing and SEO plan for a local bakery”.

Chatbot Seo Content Marketing Plan Bakery

You will probably come across some form of message about exceeding tokens. If this happens, try again. If it happens again, do your best to refine your prompt.

Again, we’re in BETA, so our chatbot is not perfect. But we’ll be working to continually make it better and more useful for you. We appreciate your patience (and helping us break this so we can improve it).

Why a chatbot? “Serving the marketing community is our reason for being, and the Search Engine Land ChatBot is an exciting way to provide that community with the information they need in a format that is complementary to our existing properties,” said Chris Elwell, CEO, Third Door Media.

Help us improve. We’re looking at ways to improve the bot and welcome your feedback. Give the Search Engine Land ChatBot a shot. We look forward to hearing from you!

MarTechBot. We also created the first generative AI experience for marketing professions with MarTechBot on our sibling publication, MarTech.org. You can dig deeper into the why and technology in these articles:

About the author

Danny Goodwin
Danny Goodwin has been Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & Search Marketing Expo - SMX since 2022. He joined Search Engine Land in 2022 as Senior Editor. In addition to reporting on the latest search marketing news, he manages Search Engine Land’s SME (Subject Matter Expert) program. He also helps program U.S. SMX events.

Goodwin has been editing and writing about the latest developments and trends in search and digital marketing since 2007. He previously was Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal (from 2017 to 2022), managing editor of Momentology (from 2014-2016) and editor of Search Engine Watch (from 2007 to 2014). He has spoken at many major search conferences and virtual events, and has been sourced for his expertise by a wide range of publications and podcasts.

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