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Get your boss on board!

So... you're excited to attend an SMX Master Class... but convincing your boss is proving to be a challenge.

Whether it's the monetary investment, taking time away from work, or the classic "What will you actually get out of it?", try these talking points to help you make the case easily, efficiently, and effectively.

"This won't break the bank: My Master Class only costs $299."

The economy and inflation have many of us juggling more financial priorities than usual. But no matter your budget, you deserve access to quality, affordable, expert-led training. For just $299, you'll access six hours of actionable, expert-led training and invaluable Q&A opportunities with your instructor -- a fraction of the cost of traditional professional development courses.

"It's 100% digital, so travel and lodging expenses aren't an issue." 

Say goodbye to airfare, hotel bookings, and all of the other expenses that get tacked onto in-person training. Your entire SMX Master Class is streamed directly to your computer so you can tune in from your office, kitchen, couch -- wherever.

"Instant on-demand is included for free so I can train when it's convenient." 

Taking two days off for continued training isn't always feasible. Waiting days or weeks for on-demand access is a drag. Your entire Master Class will be immediately available for replay after the live broadcast concludes so you can watch and rewatch when it fits your schedule.

Different time zone? No problem. Have to take an important meeting? Fear not. Can't tune in until after work? We get it. With everything on-demand, you can train at your convenience.

"This is a great opportunity to prepare for what's next in search." 

The breadth of search marketing platforms, technologies, and capabilities is evolving faster than ever before. Between algorithm updates that make organic visibility more difficult, the uncertain and expanding role of AI, and the sunsetting of Google's Universal Analytics this summer -- staying on top of the latest developments is critical. The SMX Master Classes allow you to train on the latest paid, organic, and technical search topics and trends so you can continue to stay a cut above the competition.

"I'll be able to validate our initiatives and get specific insights from trusted experts."

Live Q&A is a tremendous part of the value of attending an SMX Master Class. Your six hours of training will be filled with opportunities to ask instructors specific questions and get in-depth answers in real time. Return to your team loaded with fresh insights and inspiration you won't find anywhere else.

Customizable Letter

If your supervisor needs some more convincing, we've prepared this letter to help you. Just copy the content to e-mail, customize as you see fit, and send it on for approval.

Click Ctrl-C (⌘-C on a Mac) to copy/paste the contents below:

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