Video: Thom Craver at CBS Interactive on the importance of schema and a bit on Google News

Just because Thom is an SEO at a news agency, don't blame him for any bias you see in Google News.

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Thom Craver, the Lead SEO Analyst at CBS Interactive, invited me to the studio to sit down and talk SEO. Besides his office being really fun and exciting to be in, the SEO topics we talked about were also pretty entertaining.

Thom Craver, who can be followed @thomcraver on Twitter, has a very rich history in SEO. He has been doing SEO for two decades and has worked in-house, done agency work, had his own company and now works for a massive enterprise.

We talked about how Google News works and how he finds it funny sometimes how he gets blamed for some perceived bias within Google News. Specifically, because he works at a news agency and is an SEO, people think he not only controls the news being published but how Google ranks it. Of course, he does not, but you can see why some can be confused by that.

We then moved to schema and discussed how it is a win-win for both Google and the content producer. He said that schema is his favorite SEO toy right now. It helps Google understand your pages better and gives your content better visibility in search.

Here is the video — hope you enjoy it:

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