• http://www.thinktraffic.co.uk/blog Mark Johnson

    Great post Trond. I was just having a conversation the other day with someone who was unsure about whether to move to a new CMS in order to update and improve thier website.

    I think it is important to note the benefits, but you also need to understand and minimize the risks of course.

    Unfortunately, the risk of losing rankings when you move or change a site is very real, but if your current platform is holding your site back, those loss in rankings could be seen as an investment for hopefully a better long-term result.

    It’s certainly not an easy jump to make though.

  • https://twitter.com/ArtEnke Art Enke

    Good stuff Trond. It is amazing how most clients feel that a new CMS is the answer to all their problems and especially that they think Google we “keep their place in line” because of the site’s history, which in almost never the case.

    A recent client of ours (a well-known home builder) launched a new site and within 7 days lost 95% of their indexed content because the developer inadvertently blocked all content in the robots.txt.

    Ultimately I think the overall message your saying here is spot on: Being too reliant on search engines is risky and good SEO requires a lot of TLC.

  • Scott Davis

    Excellent points. What many clients fail to realize is that an optimized website is more than just SEO and content. You have to have your technical side align with the SEO & the content if you want to show up. Your strategy WILL change, it’s not a 1 and done thing.

  • Ratish Naroor

    Excellent points listed here. The article is a must-read for any business leader or an senior executive who expects SEO very important for their company’s organic success.

    On a side note, can find that the article says ‘7 SEO truths’ but the URL says ’10 SEO truths’ :) – was it done on purpose?

  • http://www.TheeDesign.com/ TheeDesign Studio

    #4 is so true of websites in general. A lot of times a redirect plan is not established for a new website. I’ve seen sites jump thousands of visitors a week after redirects were finally implemented.

  • http://www.paulbarrs.com Paul Barrs

    #6 – Yes! I was talking just yesterday with a new client who asked, “Can you do it all in 3 months?” Well, sure – the on page… but the off page, the mainenance and the management… kinda might take a little longer. Sigh.

  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Amber King

    Absolutely right. SEO Isn’t An Act — It’s The Whole Play. You don’t stop after optimizing your website, you need constant activity to keep your traffic and rankings.

  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    Very true…

  • abecaglia

    Nice post…especially as for years now we heard SEO is dead…

  • http://yachtsbhc.com/ Andrew Buys

    Do I understand that you believe I should have a mobile site in addition to my responsive site?

  • Räbin Achäryä

    Can I just say amen to all that? I would also like to add, “SEO is a marathon, NOT a sprint”, I do not know how many times, I have been asked to speed up processes to increase ranking. It does not work like that.

  • webinitaly

    wait, in the url it says “10”…

  • chatmeter

    These are excellent SEO points. We couldn’t agree more! The point about mobile SEO being not just “responsive design” is great. It’s good that businesses make their websites mobile friendly because most people are searching for businesses on their phones on the go, but that isn’t enough. Your mobile website can have greatest graphics and easy to use interface, but what’s the point if it doesn’t show up in the search results right?

  • http://www.website-consultancy.com/ David Carley

    I’m particularly liking this line with ‘non specialist:

    “Modifications like these are often suggested by a non-specialist, and the impact can be serious. You could lose your search rankings — then sales and growth stall, too.”

    Bane of a working day…

    Thanks for the good ‘reminder’ post.

  • http://netpeak.ua/ Dmitry Pelymsky

    SEO is and unstoppable process. It has a goal that isn`t limited. And that is wonderful.

  • http://www.seolution.com/ Seolution

    Hi Trond, this is a great post. I agree that things change rapidly, and the only way to be successful and to conduct an effective SEO strategy is to keep up with the updates and new practices that are being introduced.

    The points you have mentioned are extremely relevant, as they are often a source of misconception which can have negative results if not understood properly.