• http://www.getfoundfirst.com Stu Draper

    I have seen an increase in impressions when using the CPM model, on multiple occasions, on multiple accounts. I too, HATE the CPM model, and would love it if everyone else just used the CPC model, but Facebook definitely seems to be giving top priority on who shows and who does not to those who are willing to pay just to be there. In fact, my ads have never stopped getting impressions while bidding on the CPM model, but on multiple occasions impressions have died off on the CPC model.

  • http://blog.vminnovations.com Khushbaht (Lucky)

    Thanks for the insightful post but… “Always select the CPC pricing option” – respectfully disagree with this statement. I just ran a small campaign and had much better results with CPM model. It would have been over $1.50 per click with CPC but ended up being less than $0.80 per click with CPM.

  • http://SonicSEO.com Daniel M

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