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  • neal hamou

    Great article. I completely agree with you that sometimes the best way to increase conversions is by removing items from the landing page. It is very important to have a clear call-to-action whether it is a phone call, form fill, newsletter signup or even a purchase.

  • http://www.jchweb.co.uk/ Jack Hutchinson

    Unfortunately calls to action are quite often forgotten by web designers so customers are left with a great looking site, but customers don’t actually know what to do when they get there! 

  • http://www.labeshops.com Lori Anne Brown

    Great examples. I wonder about your thoughts on ecommerce sites – do they need landing pages? Should an online store focus on landing pages or just showing off their products as a catalog? I’ve been struggling with the idea of landing pages for stores for a while now and have seen very little advice published on the topic.

    Certainly a site for a service or single product can benefit from landing pages to tell you what it is they do or focus on the benefits of that one product. But when you have hundreds of products, can a landing page and call to action benefit?

  • cathydunham

    The most difficult Landing Page is often the home page – especially when the company offers many diverse services (or products)! Clean, concise, intuitive navigation is obviously a huge element, but ensuring that top level services are visible within a brief 3-5 second glance (such as using a slider or rotating image feature) can be very tricky. 

    For well-known brands (like Apple, Target, Nike), people “know” the general offerings and are willing to linger to locate specific items or check out new products. For lesser-known brands, viewers may not realize the full extent of the company’s offerings. If key solutions don’t quickly appear at first glance, the visitor is gone in a snappy click to someone else’s site.

  • http://twitter.com/JLangensand Jessica Langensand

    Good article and important points to remember – especially when the goal of your landing page is to capture a name! A few other things we keep in mind (and test), are the location of forms on a page, colors of buttons, fonts, and backgrounds, as well as varying offers/copy. 
    – Jessica with Marketo