• http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    I think it’s about time to embrace the power of mobile in order to get more positive results in our marketing campaign. Thanks for sharing this information Jordan!

  • http://lathesis.com/ Lathesis

    Thanks for sharing your thought Jordan !!

    Agree with your points First holidays season come with great opportunity to maximize revenue, Second customers are not for life long to your business. In 2014 the E-Commerce gap between mobile & desktop SEM going down.

  • Gary Elfert

    I wasn’t surprised to hear mobile conversion rates are significantly lower than desktop. When I use my mobile device for shopping, I rarely complete the purchase on my mobile device. Instead, I make myself a note and complete the purchase using my desktop computer when I return home. This allows me to make the purchase from the comfort of my home while spending a few minutes to ensure that I’m purchasing from the most favorable online retailer. Thanks for the post!

  • http://www.completewebresources.com Kyle Sanders

    I tend to order the same way, although a staggering number of retailers have a poor mobile experience, particularly on-site search and refinement. It definitely contributes to my desktop preference.

    Given that a large number of stores outside the Internet 500 run on saas-delivered carts, you can likely expect this to continue until those companies invest in and deliver better solutions for mobile shoppers.