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    Some good advice, all to often see people consumed with higher level tactics, testing etc when there is low hanging fruit to be picked.

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    Most website conversion events can be categorized into two event types:

    > The completed transaction (ecommerce websites where a purchase complete occurs)
    > Submission of personal info to enable follow up (lead generation information: Contact Me, White papers, Newsletter Signup, Webinars, Free Trials, etc.)

    Thought I’d share an exciting new conversion product specific to LEAD GENERATION websites who seek to take their conversions and sales effectiveness to the next level. It’s called formIQ – and entry level options are even free.


    Our sales team now uses these instant Alerts every day.  They save so much time and arms them with tremendous sales intelligence they really can’t get in a timely manner.  We can better qualify web conversion leads, react quicker, and be more effective at moving an inquiry to a closed sale. 

    By having shorter forms (yet still collect rich info) you are already improving conversion rates.
    Most importantly this coud-based software lets your sales and marketing team get instant and detailed information about the best prospects – those who want something now…. and then register on your website.
    As we know, waiting from just 5 minutes to 30 minutes to respond to a web-generated convetrsion can reduce the odds of contact success by 100x. This product aims to resolve that by arming sales and marketing professionals with really great info automatically and instantly. They have what they need to qualify and close BEFORE making a call.