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    Hey Michael! Ok so don’t laugh at me…it’s been a long day. How is Posterous pronounced? =)

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    Very cool list…Posterous is pretty awesome! I look forward to testing 12 seconds as I am new to this one…

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    Some other microblogs are less anglocentric: Khaces.com for Spanish, Zuosa.com for Chinese, Meemi.com for Italian, Mblogi.com for Russian, Niimo.com for German, Watwet.com for Arabic, Blip.pl for Polish, Gozub.com for Portuguese, etc.

    Enqando.com, Mexicodiario.com and Fazkut.com for Latin America…

    Beemood.com and others for postings from all over the world
    etc., etc.

    Pieter Jansegers

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