• http://youngblah.com/ Amit Chahar [ youngblah.com ]

    Apple has made quite a few mistakes in iOS 6 this time like Low quality maps app, and now this. I hope they fix these asap as users always expect best from Apple.

  • http://twitter.com/BrianKlais Brian Klais

    All the more reason to SEO your apps for Google. That’s pretty much where consumers will go as long as searching the app store sucks so bad.

  • ESPInfo

    Here’s hoping Apple never goes into search. Wow, this change sucks.

  • Alan

    What a terrible move! hoping it is something they can change in a hurry!

  • dingclancy

    “As you can see, it is even somewhat unclear if you can slide the page right and left to get more search results.”

    Users are already trained to swipe their screens without much indication.

  • patkinsel

    Apple has a very simple casing problem in their App Store search results (Yelp and yelp return different results). It should be very easy for them to fix. See http://patkinsel.com/post/31962938738/spindle-spindle-an-app-store-bug-worth-fixing

  • http://www.facebook.com/ThomasLeeClark Tom Clark

    For me the App Store in the new iOS 6 is completely unusable…I use to go in every morning to see what the new releases were for the day, now I have no i dea how to even get that ??? they need to go back to the old way, it was much much easier… Apple needs to fix these issues quick or they are going to get murdered in reviews and on the web… they are much better than this…

  • http://www.facebook.com/bananaslug02 Todd Davidson

    I’m afraid this may be the first sign of the post-Jobs decline… just sayin’