• Martin Pezet

    A very useful article and the section on frequency capping really made me think and review my campaigns to try and minimise the “annoyance” factor from excesses impressions. I’m also guilty of not freshening up my ads as often as I should!

    I disagree though with this point you made:

    “While they are researching computers, they often don’t see computer ads, they are seeing vacation ads. The vacation ad impressions are completely wasted at this point in time.”

    I don’t think people operate in quite such a linear fashion, and just because someone is in “research computer mode” doesn’t mean that they won’t, consciously or sub-consciously, notice and ad about cruises and make a mental note to check out the site at the weekend when they are back to planning their dream holiday. I’ve also had a lot of trouble trying to target by “Topic” in Google, when the data starts to filter through and I can see some of the sites Google feels are related to a particular topic I am sometimes really worried about the appropriateness and quality of some of the sites my ads appear on, even with appropriate keyword targeting along side.

  • http://www.architechsw.com david pavlicko

    This post is so ‘on-the-money’. I’m in the process of being stalked by an ad after doing a search outside of my state for ‘houston dentist’. These ads haunt me – embedded in youtube videos, appearing on my iphone, on news sites, everywhere. It’s been well over 3 months, and I still see them 5-7 x a week. I’ve attempted to opt-out of just those ads, but that’s a lost cause. If I knew the agency running the campaign, I’d call them – I’m pretty tempted to just call the dentist directly.

    I completely agree when you say switch out the themes or offers occasionally – once you despise an ad, it only continues to burn that hatred in your mind every time you see it.

  • Amanda Shearer

    have to agree with david 100%. i use yahoo as my ‘junk’ mail account and it is really aggressively bad at retargeting- if Google ever starts to show huge retargeted ads next to my inbox like that i will be searching for yet another mail account…