• http://www.website-doctor.com Charles Willcock

    Sadly the BBC is not always that interested in accuracy itself. In the UK the leading radio breakfast programme is the Today Programme which is essential listening for the Prime Minister downwards. The PM is an occasional guest interview and anyone who is anyone accepts an invitation to put there point of view across. When Grant Shapps a Government Minister was on the programme he mixed up hits with unique visitors when commenting about how successful a Government website was. As anyone in search engine marketing knows the number of hits a server received is always many times greater than the number of unique visitors but of course many listeners to the programme would not be aware of that.
    I emailed the programme suggesting that they issue a statement correcting the fact but never had a reply so listeners were left with the impression that a Government website was probably at least 10 times more popular than was actually the case. (Therefore, the justification for spending more money on it was not actually as strong as the argument being advanced by Grant Shapps).
    Charles Willcock

  • http://tjwmedia.com Tim Watt

    I complained about offensive and probably illegal drug adsense ads on a sports site I ran – with detailed correspondence still in my files – from 11- 13 August 2003.
    I had to escalate from a form reply, and was promised my concern would be taken up by a ‘team of specialists for further investigation’.
    I Never heard further it seems – though subsequently there was an option to exclude types of advertisers though not for a while after then.

  • yung josh

    $500 million in fines for “what they earned PLUS what the pharmacy earned” thats crazy!!