• http://www.search-engine-academy-washington-dc.com Nancy

    Great technical analysis – thanks so much. Are you selling your software tool? :)

  • http://www.derrickwheeler.com DerrickWheeler

    I spent 10 minutes registering at SEL just to comment on this. When Todd talks, I listen. He does not pretend to know things, he knows things. For hardcore network-level technical SEO enthusiasts like me, Todd is the guy to get information from. Just felt compelled to share that.

  • http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/ Greg Lindahl

    Search engines often use https for user privacy reasons, more than just hiding passwords from snoops. Given that we’re search engines, that also leads us to not penalize websites which have the same content on http & https.

    — greg

  • http://www.unleashed-online.com Chris Reilly

    It is really interesting how YouTube uses nofollow selectively. Links from view pages are nofollow but channel page links are followed… links from comments are totally not allowed. Why would they nofollow internal category links?