• Durant Imboden

    Wasn’t simplicity part of DuckDuckGo’s “unique selling proposition”? Can it compete against Google and Bing by trying to copy them instead of following its own path?

  • Matt McGee

    I don’t recall them promoting simplicity. It’s always been about privacy. Plus, when you don’t even show a map for local searches, that”ll never get perceived as an attempt at being simple — it looked like an amateur product.

  • Durant Imboden

    Minimalism isn’t necessarily amateurism, but in any case, we’ll have to wait and see how well trying to play catch-up to Google and Bing in the bells & whistles department works for DuckDuckGo. (If I were into gambling, I’d happily bet that DuckDuckGo will remain a niche product for a small audience.)

  • http://www.alanredd.net/ D Alan Redd

    My wife uses DuckDuckGo and she never said a word about the changes … She used Google for a long time until it got so cluttered up and you couldn’t tell the ads from the listings .. She went to Bing, and even that was too busy for her, so she tried The Duck .. she liked it, so she stayed with it .. (My Son uses DogPile) …

    I like how it’s laid out .. The ad box(es) are well defined and plainly visible and I like the feel of it …

    I hope that DuckDuckGo sticks to it’s simple clean look. It’s just seemingly so much easier to search without all of the distractions .. The portals of old were like that I remember, and when Google came along I remember everyone flocking to it because was so clean on the inside.

  • http://www.e-wali.com/ Ahmad Wali

    I love it! Search results are accurate so far for me. Going to test it for a week and already made it a default search engine. They can gain market share only if they offer similar features like Google+ and Bing.

  • Albin

    I just searched “bbc russia gas deal” for a headline on Putin’s trip to China. DDG a) doesn’t date the articles it finds, and b) gives me three week old pieces on deals with Slovakia and Turkmenistan. By comparison, StartPage (read its privacy policies) a) tells me how old the articles are, and b) puts today’s story on China at the top. Enough said.

  • http://www.connectlocals.com Pat Jutte

    I like it! Nice, clean and very fast results. Great for local searches without all the ads.

  • http://www.discountonlinefitness.com steve

    DDG has indexed my websites so I am happy.

  • Matt McGee

    Obviously news search is something they still have to address. Baby steps.

  • http://fullspectrumbranding.com Schnitzelboy

    I like it, not as cluttered as Google. We’ll see what the future brings if they can compete and stay in the race

  • lasmigras

    StartPage works by anonymously feeding user queries to Google.
    So what StartPage users are getting are really Google results but without the IP information. Smart, but still it’s Google. There are some people, of course, that do not want Google’s results at all, so perhaps that crowd would like DDG.

  • lasmigras

    I liked both the old and the new, redesigned DDG. It has become my default search engine, after having used Bing, and before that Google. I have also tried StartPage, which anonymously send queries to Google, but I liked the DDG results more. However, YMMV and not everyone will be pleased with DDG’s results, as explained by some OP’s here.