• http://twitter.com/ChrisKent12 Chris Kent

    There is also a feature that is still in beta regarding top of page vs side of page ads. Yet another way to segment ads

  • http://twitter.com/brightonrob Rob Martin

    David great post, clearly Google haven’t thought this through! Ultimately this is going to devalue the adwords from a searchers prospective and therefore reduce the impact for legitimate advertisers – the Google money train rolls on……

  • http://www.facebook.com/rustywinter Rusty Winter

    Just because you utilize Retargeting with Search doesn’t make you an “illegitimate” advertiser. I love having this option in campaigns.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gohawks David Rodnitzky

    Hey Rob, it would only devalue AdWords in the sense that not all of the results will be driven by the immediate query the user has entered. It will still, however, be driven by user intent as expressed by the fact that the user visited the advertiser’s web site. *And* remember that Google yield management algorithm for determining which ads show up will still be in effect, so if Google predicts that the RFSA ad is unlikely to drive a sufficient combination of CTR x Max CPC x QS, it won’t show up!