• http://www.6smarketing.com/blog Julien Simon

    It’s very disappointing that you can’t use Google Wallet from this phone. Google does lots of advertising (paying for some customers’ bill in NY for example) but then doesn’t follow through with the technology. They get you excited about a service, without allowing you to use it.
    It’s cruel…and disappointing.

    Ho well, I’m in Canada so we’ll have to wait like 10 years before it gets released here anyway :)

  • http://BriefEpisode.com Beto Gáles

    Danny, I’m curious how you will compare this with the iPhone 4S. I’m using my Nexus One on Tmobile still and have debated either grabbing a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon or a European pentaband Galaxy Nexus or switching to an iPhone 4S on Sprint to get better Google Voice integration.

    I’m bummed about the persistent search button going away — I use Voice Actions just like you do.