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    Just wanted to say thanks for a great post, for the first time in 18 months (since i started this job) I dont feel so alone, although i could now do with a post on how exactly i get my managers to sit down so i can not only explain the fundamentals of SEO but why they need to help out too!

  • http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Thanks, kimberlie, glad this made you feel a bit more connected. There’s countless solo SEOs out there, and it’s easy – particularly if you’re not well integrated with your colleagues in your work/office environment – to feel alienated.

    As I always say, even if there’s only one SEO specialist in the company you have a team, because the rest of the organization has to pitch in to make SEO efforts successful. It’s unfortunate, but not uncommon, that your managers don’t understand that. Maybe they’ll be more inclined to listen if you add “because we’re leaving a ton of money on the table” to your “we need to sit down” request. I’ll certainly keep my fingers crossed for you!

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    I have been in similar situations in the past and it has been really helpful if you include others to do some simple work with your SEO task. Thank you for giving some insights on some “TO DO” list. The only I miss is, there is no one to get some other SEO comment on what you are suggesting.