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    Fantastic analysis Debra! I couldn’t agree more that giving users the most personalized experience possible makes them more likely to convert. We do a lot of testing and experimentation with geo-targeting on the landing page as well and that can lead to a conversion improvement.

    -Kristina, @ion_interactive

  • Jacques S.

    Here is a big downside to GEO-targeting… language issues…. I’m a foreigner living in Spain. Since ever I’ve always wanted my software (being it a OS, antivirus or any other software) in English. More and more websites and companies are set to sell you their software in the so called local language… I think this is a great pain. Sometimes it’s really impossible to buy the English version; Which makes me look for another vendor. There is a big flaw in GEO-reasoning… I’m surely not the only foreigner living in a different country and sotware companies have not understood that sometimes enforcing language (-barriers) into their websites will turn customers away.
    Of course your article doesn’t go into language issues, but I’m guessing this is a big issue for non-English speaking countries and I think it should be put on the table: offer country language website is OK, as long as you also offer other languages for that same country.