• http://stefanw.spaces.live.com Stefan Weitz

    Indeed this is cool and one of the biggest drivers of customer delight over here at Bing. Rather than just four frames, however, we will actually show you part of the video when you hover over a video clip either in the mainline search results or on in Video search. What’s really cool is how we do it – using technology developed by MSResearch, we actually try and figure out the ‘most interesting’ part of the video (under 15 seconds long) and show that when mousing over. That way, you don’t see the opening titles but rather a piece of the video which can actually tell you what it’s about.

    Come check it out!
    Stefan Weitz,

  • http://www.ratdiary.com SpragueD

    The Google feature is cool, but the video previewing on Bing that Stefan wrote about in his comment is cooler. Will there be a follow up post featuring the Bing version?