• http://www.thesearchagents.com Bradd Libby

    “Google announced anyone can upload a picture that will be shown on the Google home page. You’ll only see your own picture, of course — everyone else will see pictures they’ve selected, if they’re using this option”

    Google is missing the point completely. At Bing, I get to see new and random things I haven’t seen before. I have no idea what I’ll see and can spend a few seconds learning about something new and interesting.

    If I want to look at my own photos, I can do so without having Google’s search bar plastered over them.

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleObama7 Clifford Bryan

    Interesting development. It looks as if the theories that Google did take a keen interest in the Bing launch are affirmed. Add in the agonizingly long and teasingly tedious Caffeine roll out and it looks like Google’s business strategy is fairly intangible. WE KEEP YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE. They don’t want loyal customers. That’s not good enough. They want addicted customers. Reminds me of many Asian video game makers business strategy. To webmasters it can be brutal at times. As long as you ride the Google wave your fine. Go against the grain and you run into problems.

  • littlekidjon

    You are missing the point about how Google is not copying Microsoft’s picture idea. Firstly you get to choose if you want to have a photo on the front page unlike for bing in which you have to have a photo.
    The second, main point is though, that it is the photo is what you decide, not the photo that Microsoft has chosen. Yes Microsoft’s idea was a good one, but Google have improved it to a degree that it is not the same. For ages you have been able to change your Google front page with iGoogle, the ability to have have custom searches and special front pages like for Firefox and Ubuntu. Now it may seem not that big of a difference, that you can choose the background image instead of been given a random photo, but this idea is most likely not to go against Bing, but because they are going to release Chrome OS soon and when you do most likely Google is going to be on the front page and therefore a background image on Google’s front page would be like a desktop image.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001709015293 Gus Hardeux

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