• http://www.scottfox.com/about-us.html Scott Fox, Author

    Thanks for the news and explanation, Danny.

    Exciting stuff for businesses to finally get Google+ going to help their marketing online.

  • alidstone

    I am still unable to create a page – getting the message ‘Google+ Pages isn’t ready for everyone’. Anyone else seeing this message?

  • http://www.prepare1.com BlairEvanBall

    Competition is for the most part a good thing. It will be interesting to see how Google+ will do with Business Pages. Still some questions on initial roll out, but the Direct feature seems to be a big +. This gives businesses an alternative to Facebook Pages, and since Google is the king of search, this has to have positive ROI for businesses one would think.

  • http://digitalfireflymarketing.com D.F.

    I am not too impressed mostly because I can’t create a page. I stand by my original assessment of Google + strategies for business. When I am able to give the page a whirl, I may change my mind, however the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anyone AT the party that is Google + really makes me wonder if its worthwhile. The only benefit I see from the above is business might get more SEO juice from having a page.

  • WJS

    @alidstone: I’m seeing that message, too. Hopefully the launch will be done soon.

  • http://www.mikehuber.com Mike Huber

    Not everyone who goes to that page will get in (many will get a “Google+ Pages isn’t ready for everyone” message). Again, it’s a random rollout happening over the next two days. But once you gain access, you’ll be asked to create a page in one of five categories:

    Just hit ‘refresh’ a couple of times from https://plus.google.com/pages/create, make sure your logged in to your g+ account. After you refresh a couple of times it will allow you to create a page. I just did it: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106841880347117633729/posts

  • http://www.facebook.com/JenniferRyanLewis Jennifer Lewis

    It’s open! I just created one! Head over there now – it’s all there!

  • http://www.irishwonder.com IrishWonder

    Thanks for the heads up Danny. Great review as usual. However, I am not sold on the concept of Google+ Pages – tried creating one, except for geolocation (that is mostly interesting for local businesses but not even for big brands like that same Pepsi) there is little there that is new compared to original Google+. The interface is ugly like most of Google’s recent updates, everything is organized in the least logical way… And this is what they had to work on for so many months???

  • http://gnarld.com G.D.

    Some of you who have been on G+ for a while might remember that after Google removed all those business accounts many business owners used personal pages for their business. Google told us that doing this was ok and there would be a way to roll these personal pages into a brand page. Did they release this with a way to turn a personal account into a brand page as we were promised?

  • http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com Lynn Brown

    Thank you Danny for a very informative article. I added my business today to Google+ I had been waiting for this. You see, I was one of the first that got a G+ account, when it wasn’t mentioned that you couldn’t put your business on it. Well, once Google announced that G+ was for personal pages only, I was not able to get into my page or doing any G+…. it was a real pain.

    But now, it was very easy to create my page and I also now have a personal page. Figuring this all out, it will take some time for everyone.

  • http://thetechnologycafe.com/ T.C.

    The best part is that it can now become a threat to facebook as facebook earns most of its revenue from brands and if brands and companies switch to google+, then facebook is going to go down
    See google also integrated search for Google+ pages to its core search hence a strategic win for people can easily follow brands and connect via search

  • boscharun

    Another good thing is that you can have multiple pages per profile. That means I can play around easily and figure out things without getting stuck with any stupid mistake. You can also delete any pages easily.

  • http://gatfol.com Sally

    This looks like it could be a huge bugbear for Facebook, although a massive advantage for businesses, having more exposure across different platforms. It will be interesting to see how Facebook reacts to this. Google is finding every conceivable way of keeping customers using Google Search and generating massive revenues through its advertising in the process. It can only win using this strategy for business pages and Google + for individuals in the long run. Will Facebook just become another Myspace perhaps in due course? Time will tell!

  • http://TymBarker.com Tym

    Great information, but unfortunately I still don’t see any real benefit to actively participating in any incarnation of Google +. Just another waste of time signing up, logging in, building lists of people, etc. – all so the BIG G can build a bigger monopoly with private data?

  • Chas

    But, what is Miss Piggy’s Real Name? There isn’t enough slop in the trough, so that little piggy won’t be going to market.

  • http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk/ S.B.

    The main problem we have is you can only have one registered user – As a platform for a company brand, having only one registered user for a company page is very limiting. For a large company with a number of employees using social media channels they would all need access to the personal profile the page was created with – not ideal.

  • http://www.tweakservers.com T.S.

    I have been waiting for the GPlus to be available since the first day it launch to be available for business purposes!

  • http://www.brnarede.com.br ArthurW

    Do I have to add all my followers to my circles if I want to be able to direct my posts to specific segments of clients?

  • http://www.kernmedia.com Daniel

    Great article. Not sure if others have noticed, but as I pointed out in my recent blog post, SEO & Google+ for Business, the links on Google+ Business pages are not “nofollow,” so they could pass some link juice for pushing your content out into Google+. Something I’ll be experimenting with, for sure.

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    Thanks Danny. Google+ integrate Business Pages, that’s a good news. I wonder how useful it will be. Another database? To monitor news, blogs, twitter, facebook, google+ or youtube, I prefer socialwatching.com.